Experts with 40 years of experience in searching for the right part.

Over time, SDML Group has established relationships of trust with various lifting component manufacturers, industrial closing mechanism manufacturers, compressor manufacturers and industrial brake manufacturers. With this in mind, our after-sales team has acquired extensive knowledge of the various products, and can provide you with their expertise and guidelines in terms of spare parts.

As part of our CSR and used parts reprocessing policy, SDML Group is committed to recovering and reprocessing your defective spare parts, helping you reduce your industrial footprint.

Whatever your component requirements, SDML Group is committed to ensuring a rapid response and part delivery.

OEM parts

Throughout the life of your equipment, it is important to replace components with OEM components to ensure safety and to maintain the initial condition of your equipment to ensure performance.
For SDML Group, choosing OEM parts is the right choice to guarantee high-quality, professional and durable repairs.

Equivalent parts manufactured by partners guaranteeing high-quality manufacturing to keep costs in check

Always keen to offer its customers the best value for money, SDML Group offers its customers equivalent parts for non-safety parts, thus offering an alternative in terms of cost and control of maintenance budgets.

Older parts made to plan

For older equipment whose manufacturers no longer produce spare parts, SDML Group has a sufficiently extensive database and qualified partners to reproduce worn mechanical parts.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any personalised requests; our service department will be happy to assist you in your search.

Old equipment modernisation and recommissioning engineering

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