Industrial modernisation: if you have a travelling crane at the end of its life or that no longer meets your needs, we have the solution.

If your activity has evolved and your needs have with it, SDML Group can help you adapt your production tool. Thanks to our know-how and following a thorough analysis of your current equipment our Service will propose an adaptation based on your existing product.

Whether this involves replacing a hoist, trolley or any other component, it will improve the capabilities of your work tool in terms of safety, speed or capacity. This means you will be able to leave with technically modern equipment at a reasonable cost.

As safety and technology evolve, so does your equipment

Throughout the life of a piece of equipment, legislation changes and technical knowledge leads to developments in the products we use every day. Industrial modernisation allows you to keep your tool up to date in small increments. Thus SDML Group can improve:

• A control system for improved ergonomics and control
• A bridge drive very often required by new-generation motors and geared motors
• Your electrical installations with flat flexible cable solutions instead of open lines, but also with cable handling chains that protect against external damage
• The safety of your installations with the addition of limit switches or load limiters.

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