Preventive maintenance

Integrate preventive maintenance into your daily activities.

Thanks to preventive maintenance inspections, you can identify risks and opportunities for improvement. The extensive experience and expertise of SDML Group technicians lead to maintenance that conforms to each manufacturer’s guidelines.

In order to keep your lifting equipment, industrial closing mechanisms, compressors or other equipment in working order, you must consider performing regular adjustments and lubrication.

Supported by our partnerships with inspection authorities, SDML Group provides you with turnkey services, thus making your daily activities easier.

Access your servicing reports online

Developed by SDML Group and for its employees, our business application allows our technicians to provide you with a live maintenance report with the necessary indications and recommendations.

This report will be automatically sent to you, if necessary with the associated reconditioning estimate.

You will find all these reports, available for viewing and sorted bridge crane, in your personal profile.

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