Robustness and large duty ratios

In the field of component and electrical machine construction, travelling cranes and lifting equipment are considered to be production tools in their own right and, in the event of failure, can affect the whole chain. Being very much in demand, these latter require significant duty ratios.

For this reason, SDML has opted to work with the brands of the Konecranes Group (DEMAG, Verlinde/SWF) which guarantee proven technical equipment, with the possibility of obtaining M6 units in all movements. Choosing an SDML bridge crane guarantees peace of mind for your production tool.

Moreover, following the 2019 jurisprudence concerning lifting equipment, travelling cranes manufactured by SDML are covered by a ten-year insurance policy in case of design defects.

High-quality industrial closing mechanisms

Like other major purchasers over the past 20 years, benefit from our expertise in industrial closing mechanisms.

SDML offers a comprehensive range of metal curtains, sectional doors, motorised overhead doors, high-speed flexible doors and also sliding fire doors.

Our team of technical experts would be happy to offer you maintenance contracts for your equipment to ensure optimum operation.

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