Good value for money

SDML Group is constantly striving to offer its customer the good value for money that meets their needs.

For SDML, quality does not necessarily mean expensive but rather adapted and therefore adapted to the particular needs of its customer. For this, we rely on experienced technical sales staff who can work with you to define the solution you need at the best price.

With this in mind, SDML has joined forces with the manufacturer DONATI, a reference in simple and efficient equipment at a controlled cost, for lifting equipment.

A dedicated reconditioning service

Many of our customers are above all looking for sound investment. Often still in good condition but with localised weakness, lifting equipment can often, after careful examination by a professional, be reconditioned.

Our technical after-sales service, whose staff have 40 years’ experience in the field of industrial lifting and industrial equipment, can advise you and support you with a reconditioning project.

Do not hesitate to obtain their contact details in the “Contact “section.

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